How it Works

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TriviaNights provides a Big Screen Trivia Experience where a wide variety of questions are displayed through venue’s big screens.

Teams use Game Show style Dome Buzzers or Remote Controllers to answers questions, providing the best playing experience on the market today.

Team scores are instantaneously calculated, and live scoreboards can be displayed at the touch of a button.

There are multiple questions styles where a quiz can be any mix of Video / Audio / Picture / Multiple Choice / Speed Rounds / Activity Rounds / Virtual Races / Who Am I’s / etc

Quiz Content

Our quizzes contain a minimum of 80 questions containing a mix of multiple choice, first in, text, audio and video questions.

First In Questions - YES

Multiple Choice Questions - YES

Who Am I Questions - YES

Image Questions - YES

Video Questions - YES

Audio & Music Questions - YES

Text Questions - YES

Advantages over paper based Trivia

- Game show feel
- No more paper & pens
- More questions
- More varied question types
- Instantaneous scoreboards
- Addition of Audio-Visual questions for a better player experience

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