The newest most exciting Big Screen Game Show Trivia in town!

Our game show style buzzers create the most interactive Trivia on the market. Multple choice answers, first in buzz + the Domes light up like crazy when your first in!

We also use the latest most modern, beautiful, reliable online Trivia software to run our Trivia Nights. Not just your regular PowerPoint presentation.

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Become a TriviaNights Venue

Draw patrons to your venue through the fun and excitement of playing in Australia’s most exciting Trivia Events.

We provide

- A professional trivia host
- All the required equipment
- In Venue marketing materials
- Digital marketing through our social media platforms

Venue Requirments

- Big Screen

You already have a host?

Great! We can sell / rent you the equipment and all your host will need to do is log into the system and either pick a preloaded quiz designed by our quiz master or put together their own quiz using the templates provided.

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How it Works

TriviaNights provides a Big Screen Trivia Experience where a wide variety of questions are displayed through venue’s big screens.

Teams use Game Show style Dome Buzzers or Remote Controllers to answers questions, providing the best playing experience on the market today.

Team scores are instantaneously calculated, and live scoreboards can be displayed at the touch of a button.

There are multiple questions styles where a quiz can be any mix of Video / Audio / Picture / Multiple Choice / Speed Rounds / Activity Rounds / Virtual Races / Who Am I’s / etc

Our quizzes usually consist of a mix of 80 questions lasting around 3 Hours not including breaks.

Advantages over paper based Trivia:

- Game show feel
- No more paper & pens
- More questions
- More varied question types
- Instantaneous scoreboards
- Addition of Audio-Visual questions for a better player experience

Become a TriviaNights QuizMaster

Do you have a great personality? Do you have a laptop? Are you keen to earn some extra cash?

Then you have what it takes to host Trivia!
- We are currently looking for QuizMasters all over Australia
- Work with an established entertainment company
- Interactive Software & Hardware supplied
- Opportunity to earn more if you wish to sell.

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